Summary of My Design Sprint Journey

Day 1

Commencing my design sprint, I began with mapping out my goals for the feature, splitting them into primary and secondary goals.

Primary and Secondary Goals
How could it fail questions
Sprint Questions to Answer
HMW questions
Map & Target with HMW questions
Sketches of possible design ideas

Day 2

At the beginning of day 2 of the sprint, I went back over my work from the day before to finalize the features and solutions for the design. I had come to the conclusion that the feature would start with a clear selection choice to pinpoint the type of material the user is searching for, which will then give them more options specified to the material they chose. This will keep the many different objects and materials grouped and easy to differentiate. When finding their object or material, the user will be given concise information on where it goes in terms of recyclability. From there the user will be given the option of using that material to create and craft something else with a step-to-step guide.

Storyboard through sticky notes
Storyboard through UI Sketches

Day 3

On day 3 of the sprint, I made up a prototype of my storyboard within the website for designers; “Figma”. This helped me to create and simulate the abilities of the feature as well as showing off the aesthetics. The design went under a few minor changes in some areas to stay true to the goal of the feature. Here’s the link so you can see how it works:

Day 4

For the last part of the sprint, I had two user tests the prototype and give feedback. To summarise, the feature was simple to understand and engaged the user throughout. In terms of my primary goals, I feel I achieved a sound design that accomplished the requests of the brief.



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Joshua Anderson University

Joshua Anderson University

I'm a student from Curtin University, WA, studying a Bachelor of Design.